Finalé Editworks

Finalé is an integrated post-production facility serving the film and television industry in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our clients include all levels of commercial, motion picture, and television production, from independent filmmakers to experienced movie and TV producers. Our team works to understand each client's vision for their production, then apply a range of talents, customized work plans and innovative use of technology to see each project through to successful completion. Our goal... a great finish. Finalé.

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Recent News

Finalé Editworks to Offer Exclusive Technicolor “Color Certified” DI Services in Vancouver

Technicolor Color Certified We're excited to announce today that Finalé has entered into a strategic partnership with Technicolor Creative Services to provide exclusive DI Finishing services in

Finalé will acquire and integrate Technicolor Vancouver’s existing DI Theatre and Finishing services into our newly expanded facility. The re-launched theatre will feature both Autodesk Lustre and Davinci Resolve grading systems, “Real-D” Stereoscopic 3D, and full access to Technicolor DI services including Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and film outs.

"Finalé is reinforcing our commitment to the Vancouver market with this significant investment. We want to recognize the growth and loyalty of our clients as their level of production has expanded, and now welcome the opportunity to extend these services to the wide array of studio clients working in Vancouver.” said Don Thompson, President and Founder of Finalé Post Production.

We're excited for this new venture! For more information read the full press release.